Introducing term „Passive drinking“ and changing attitudes and behaviour regarding alcohol abuse

Our social marketing campaign is focusing on the harm that drinking does to other people. Passive drinking refers to the damage done to someone as a result of other people’s drinking. Impacts vary dramatically, from petty costs due to damaged property, to serious harms like sexual harassment, drink driving and alcohol-fuelled violence, such as domestic violence.

We know the health implications of passive smoking, to the point where we make active choices to reduce the potential harms it causes. Passive drinking is the same issue in many ways, and its impacts can be just as severe. However, it’s not yet as widely discussed or understood.

When in most cases alcohol policy discussion centres around harm that alcohol does to the drinker him/herself, it is important to bring about a change in this rhetoric. Through different elements in this project we will draw attention to „passive drinking“ which affects people around the drinker as well as the whole society. This gives a special mandate and a responsibility to the government to regulate alcohol sale, marketing and production.

Our target group is the wider public and also policy makers. We are using a comprehensive and integrated communication campaign with TV and Radio clips, a special website supported by press releases, articles and events (seminar and a conference).